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100% Natural & Organic

No Chemicals, Scents or Additives. 100% from Coconut Husk.

Extremely Light to Carry & Use

21 Quart Bag weighs only 5 Lb

Superior Absorption

Capillary structure of coconut husk pith absorbs liquids instantly Weight for weight, Coir Wonder absorbs many timemore liquid than clay.

Active Odor Control System

This product contains Activated Charcoal made from Coconut shells that trap and retain odor causing molecules.

Longer Lasting

Superior Absorption of liquids and Active Odor Control means our 21 Quart bag lasts same as 40 Lb clay litter

Non-dusty, Non-tracking

Specially formulated and processed to be free of dust and tracking issues

Directions for Use

Fill the tray to a depth of about 1.5”. (Coconut Litter being lighter than clay, can easily spill outside the tray due tothe cat's actions). Deeper trays will have reduced spill.

Scoop out solids daily. Top up for any lost material as necessary

Dispose of the solids and any used litter. Replace the entire litter once a month or sooner if the odor is strong. Wash the litter tray with warm water and mild detergent at the time of litter change

Safety Measures
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. Pregnant women and immunosuppressed people should use caution in handling used litter since cat feces can sometimes transmit a disease called Toxoplasmosis.
  • Do not dispose of litter in toilets, gutters or storm drains.
  • Always keep in mind Local, State and Federal Laws and Regulations in disposing of cat litter.
  • Keep the litter (used or unused) away from small children.
  • Keep the empty bag away from children and small pets to avoid the risk of suffocation.
  • Store unused litter in a dry place
Instruction for Transition to Coir Wonder from another product
  • Put 1-1.5 inches of Coir Wonder in a clean litter box, and cover it with your current litter.
  • Let your cat use the litter as it would normally do
  • At the next change of litter, increase the amount of Coir Wonder and reduce the current litter
  • Repeat this process at the next litter change too, increasingthe amount of Coir Wonder.
  • Repeat this process at the next litter change too, increasing the amount of Coir Wonder.
  • Most cats are comfortable with a new litter after 1-2 changes. Repeat the above-mentioned steps, as necessary,to complete the transition
What is Coir Wonder litter made of?

CoirWonder litter is made from one ingredient – coconut. It is 100% natural and organic cat litter. It is all-natural, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, vacuum-safe, flushable, and highly effective at absorbing liquids and odor.

Is Coir Wonder a Biodegradeable cat litter?

CoirWonder cat litter is derived from Coconut husk. The Active Odor Control System is derived from coconut shells. Yes, it is completely biodegradable and when composted, will not contribute to landfill and toxic gas build up.

Is Coir Wonder cat litter clumping type?

CoirWonder cat litter is non-clumping type. Expect a clumping variety very soon from us

How much CoirWonder cat litter is there in a bag?

CoirWonder cat litter is extremely light. So, comparisons should not be based on weight, but based on volume. Each bag of CoirWonder has 20Liters of litter material in it. This bag weighs less than 5 Lb but Lasts as much as 40 lb of clay litter!

What if I am allergic to cat litter?

CoirWonder is 100% Natural and Organic having been derived completely from coconuts and so is hypoallergenic. It is dust-free and is free of any clumping additives. In the unlikely event of any allergic reaction, we advise stopping use of the material and seeking professional help

Can I flush CoirWonder cat litter?

There are no harmful clumping agents or clay in our litter that would build up or clog plumbing. However, we only recommend flushing the solid waste and not the litter material itself.

How do I properly dispose of CoirWonder cat litter?

With CoirWonder litter, the solids can be disposed of in trash or by flushing in your toilet. The used litter can be thrown in trash. Do not dispose of used litter in toilets, gutters or storm drains

We discourage disposing of any litter material, even natural and organic litter material like CoirWonder, as mulch or as fertilizer in the yard or garden due to the risk of spreading germs and diseases. Always keep in mind Local, State and Federal Laws and Regulations in disposing of cat litter.

Customer Reviews

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Ta Khongman
Lightweight and my cats love it

I have 15 cats total right now with all my fosters and you’d never know. We tried this to see how it would compare to pine litter, and I have to say we absolutely love it. With this many cats you have to scoop and change a lot and with it being so light it’s very easy to do. The odor control is fabulous if you scoop often enough. I can’t imagine that it would stink unless you’re just not scooping or changing often enough for the amount of cats you have. It being so light has been quite an advantage for us. And it is more cost effective than the pine for us, so we will be using this from now on. It’s better for eveyone!