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100% Natural. Steam Activated from Coconut Shell Charcoal

Easy to Use

Simply mix with the litter material for litter odor control or keep it in an open bowl or cloth pouch

Longer Lasting Odor Control

This high purity Activated Carbon contains microscopic pores that trap and retain odor causing molecules.


This high purity Activated Charcoal product is processed to be dust free

Directions for Use
  • As Pet Litter Deodorizer
  • Add at least ½ cup (4 oz or 120ml) of the Coir Wonder Activated Charcoal to the litter material and gently mix. Add more depending on the size of the litter box, pet species, number of animals and your pet’s bowel habits. Replace when it is time to clean the litter box or when the odors return.

  • As Room or Car Deodorizer
  • Sprinkle in odor sources like trash cans, shoe racks, pet cages, or on compost heaps. It can also be tied in sachets, empty tea bags, open bowls and placed in spaces having offensive odors. The sachets can also be placed in refrigerators, closets, gym bags, and diaper pails.Recommended quantity of Activated Charcoal for use as Room Deodorizer is 3.5 cups per 15 sq ft to 3.5 cups per 25 sq ft depending on the severity of the odor issue.

  • For Aquarium Filter Refills
  • Refer to requirements from Aquarium manufacturer.

  • For Household Water Filter Refills
  • Refer to requirements from Water Filter manufacturer

Store the product in a tightly closed container away from heat and moisture. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

Is this Activated Charcoal same as Activated Carbon?

Yes. Activated Charcoal and Activated Carbon are interchangeable terms

What is this CoirWonder Activated Charcoal made of?

CoirWonder Activated Charcoal is made by Steam Activation of charcoal made from coconut shells

Is CoirWonder Activated Charcoal safe to use?

This product is 100% Natural and is of high purity. It is very safe to use for your pets

How much Litter Deodorizer is in the jar?

There is 2 Liters (2.1 Quarts) of the material in the jar. Value for your money.

What are the uses of Coir Wonder Multi-purpose Activated Charcoal ?

When used as a Litter Deodorizer, this product extends the life of the litter material giving additional weeks before the odor is strong enough to need a change of material. When used for space odor control in a room or in a car, its particles trap and retain odor causing molecules creating an odor-free environment. Coir Wonder Activated Charcoal can be used as refill material for Aquarium water filetrs.

How much CoirWonder Litter Deodorizer should I use?

See Directions for Use under Our Products

What if my cat is sensitive?

CoirWonder Litter Deodorizer 100% Natural having been derived completely from coconuts and so is hypoallergenic. It is dust-free and is free of any chemicals or additives. In the unlikely event of any allergic reaction, we advise stopping use of the material and seeking professional help.

We discourage disposing of any litter material, even natural and organic litter material like CoirWonder, as mulch or as fertilizer in the yard or garden due to the risk of spreading germs and diseases. Always keep in mind Local, State and Federal Laws and Regulations in disposing of cat litter.