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The Coir Wonder range of Coconut Husk-derived Pet Products are brought to you by Deepthi Organics LLC located in Greensboro, NC. Developed in-house at our lab in NorthCarolina, these products are manufactured under our close supervision in India.
Over the years, we have developed expertise in Coconut based products and we are today a leading distributor for Coconut oil, Coconut MCT oil, Coir Pith, Coir-based Garden Products, Coir based Spill Absorbent etc., nationally.
We now take great pride in adding to our range, Coir Wonder range of Pet products Coir Wonder CatLitter, Coir Wonder Small Animal Bedding & Litter, Coir Wonder Litter Deodorizer and Coir Wonder Multi-purpose Activated Charcoal.